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Miriam De Wolf & Evy Faingnaert in Paris
Miriam De Wolf & Evy Faingnaert in Paris

About us

Miriam and Evy met each other during their studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Since 2023, they have formed a new musical, classical duo.


As DUO FLUIT PIANO, they perform a wide range of musical works, ranging from well-known masterpieces to lesser-known gems. With their performances, they strive to take their audience on a journey full of emotion, expression and artistic beauty.


Miriam De Wolf

Miriam De Wolf

Miriam De Wolf (born 1991) is a creative and entrepreneurial multitalented artist. She started with flute lessons at the Academy of Jette. She then studied civil engineering computer science at KU Leuven, after which she followed her other passion, music, and entered the Brussels Conservatory. She later pursued her studies at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg, in the class of Valerie Debaele. At the same time, she took classes in music theory with Ann Kuppens. To perfect herself as a flutist, she went to the Conservatoire Royal de Liège, where she studied with Toon Fret for flute and Miriam Arnold for piccolo.

Evy Faingnaert


Evy Faingnaert

Evy Faingnaert (1994) is a passionate musician with a predilection for chamber music. Her musical adventure began at the Academy of Oudenaarde under the guidance of Hans Van De Walle, after which she continued her passion at the Kunsthumaniora MUDA in Evergem with Haers Dorothea. She continued her studies at the Brussels Conservatory under the guidance of Piet Kuijken and Hans Ryckelynck. She then continued her studies at the Lemmens Institute with Joop Celis and Irene Russo. Besides her role as performing artist, Evy is also a dedicated piano teacher at the Kunstacademie Deinze.

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